Family business with over 50 years of experience. Processing and marketing coffee from approximately 780 producers in the country, mainly in the Cordillera del Balsamo (Balsamo Mountain Range) and Volcano of San Salvador. Offering its customers the option of future sales, working capital loans, technical and financial assistance, discount on the purchase of the fertilizer and materials for more efficient farming.

In a strategic alliance with Ecom, our multinational partner, we provide select clients with the ability to sell future crops.


Mauricio Borgonovo arrives in El Salvador form Monza, Italy in early 1990’s. Begins working in a mil weighing in the coffee. During the coffee off-season works in a pharmacy. In 1950’s acquires San Carlos Estate. Later, Borgonovo Family goes on to become a prominent entrepreneurial business group. Borgonovo Pohl, S.A. de C.V. is a third generation family business dedicate to processing and exporting El Salvador’s high quality coffee. Our experience dates back to over 50 years, and it is with pride that the new generation is following the tradition and commitment to quality, ant to social and environmental sustainability.

The central region of El Salvador, extending from the San Salvador Volcano to the west on the “Cordillera del Balsamo” all the way to Comasagua, Talnique, and Jayaque, is our primary region of influence.

Our Bourbon – Pacas coffee tree varieties, and our renovation program with bew high quality varieties, combined with mineral rich volcanic soil, and altitudes reaching over 1,500 meters above seal level, provide excellent conditions for growing coffee that reflect in a well rounded cup with sweet bode and good acidity.

In addition, our vertical integration (San Carlos Estate) and our strategic alliance with other estates and small farmers allows us to ensure the consistent quality in our coffee. We provide strict supervision of the main agricultural practices, which include the handpicking of only ripe coffee cherries. The coffee received at the mill in its cherry state, is processed within hours of being picked from the coffee trees, guaranteeing the freshness of our raw material. All our coffee is then thoroughly washed with clean water and is either machine or sun dried, depending on the final preparation chosen by our customers.

Borgonovo Pohl currently exports approximately 45,000 60 kg bags of green coffee per year. We have the following brands-qualities to offer.

-Dante – Speciality preparation

-Sweet panela – honey and

-San Carlos Estate Coffee

-San Carlos – Strictly high grown

-Borgo – High grown

-GMDC – Central Standard