Borgonovo Pohl , S.A. de CV , is a company with great sense of social responsibility, is constantly seeking projects that contribute to the development of the inhabitants the surrounding communities.



@School Provides advanced education for existing schools established in the communities which did not have computing resource , providing the necessary equipment (hardware , software, and Internet ) as well as the recruitment of specialized teachers, we rely on the tools provided by the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey (ITESM ) and its CCA platform , in which each student has individual user access, that allows to track the progress of each student. The program provides online courses designed for students of all ages and levels of education . Courses can be self-directed and / or tutor assisted.

English teacher

With the support of Dutch Bros company, English classes are being taught to the students of the Talnique Educational Complex, benefiting students from kindergarten through high school, in order to improve their skills.


Borgonovo Pohl, together with Dutch Bros. and stove team International, delivered a total of 40 ecological kitchens to the inhabitants of the community of San Carlos, located in Talnique La Ecocina is an alternative that contributes to the rescue of the country's forests and The health of rural families who resort to firewood as the main fuel to prepare their food. According to Gustavo Peña, director of the program and representative of the NGO, with stoves ecological saves up to 60% in the consumption of firewood, through a system that takes advantage of this type of stoves are boosted in El Salvador by the American NGO Stove Team International To the maximum the heat generated in the interior of the structure, reason why less fuel for the cooking is required. In addition, the design of the stove reduces the emanation of smoke by more than 90%, which translates into the reduction of respiratory and visual infections of those who use them.


Borgonovo Pohl held a volunteer activity on December 12 with the support of Duth Bros. and Glasswing.

The activity took place at the Talnique Educational Complex, with more than 50 volunteers, including the participation of Borgonovo Pohl and Dutch Bros. employees, parents, students and school teachers.


• Revitalized Talnique Educational Complex

• Painted tables, walls, and the basketball court

• Donated a ping-pong table

• Put together and donated furniture of recycled material


In order to improve household incomes and create wealth in the community , we are supporting small producers in the renovations of their plantations. by providing them cutting-edge genetic material , accompanied with training on best agricultural practices. These practices will result in better productivity , and greater profitability . Our goal is to increase the current average productivity of small farms from 2-3 quintals per acre to 20 quintals per acre.



Recently,in conjunction with Banco Agricola. Municipality of Talnique Mayor and the Board of Talnique´s Educational Complex. Built a multipurpose gym which will serve as court and auditorium.


In partnership with @School , Shoeing and World Vision , 400 pairs of shoes were delivered to children and young teenagers from the Talnique Educational Complex and the San Carlos Village School. The children received complimentary refreshments courtesy of JUMEX and DIANA.